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Man Carried Dog For 2 Hours Until He Got Help: He Didn’t Want To Leave Her Behind

“It was abandoned. She had to withstand temperatures below zero and heavy rains. “She couldn’t walk, she cried from pain, and despite her barking and attempts to bite me, I was able to catch her and carry her for more than two hours,” managed her rescuer. She is slowly recovering now that her life has given her a second chance.

They say that for every bad person in the world, there is a good person waiting to help us. Although it is not the ideal situation, sometimes we need to go through the worst situations in order to leave years of abuse behind.

Kathy, a dog who was abandoned in Colombia’s Los Nevados National Park, specifically in the Frailejones Valley, experienced something similar. They left her furry one tied up between some shrubs with the hope that she wouldn’t be able to return, we assume.

Circumstances would lead us to believe that the outcome would be tragic; however, Daniel Leandro would appear, a man who had saved the dog who had been suffering from subzero temperatures and severe rains for three days. 

“I couldn’t walk, I cried from the pain, no matter her barks and attempts to bite me, I managed to pick her up and carry her for more than 2 hours on the way to where I had my truck, I took her to the vet, they injected her and gave her medicine. She lasted more than 10 days without being able to move, now she does not walk perfectly, but you can see the happiness on her face”

Photo: Danniel Leandro

In addition to the story, Daniel shared a series of images that explain and show the journey he had to take to get Kathy to a safe place. He also took the opportunity to leave a message encouraging animal care and responsible ownership:

Photo: Danniel Leandro

“If you’re going to have a little animal, love it, love it, take care of it, and protect it, they’re the most grateful animals in the world, but don’t abandon them, they feel”

We might have had a completely different outcome a few minutes later. Thanks Daniel, a pet who had come dangerously near to passing away was able to heal and find new happiness. Before getting a pet, you should give it a lot of thought. Animals don’t deserve to be abandoned, let alone in this way.

Photo: Danniel Leandro