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The Ancient Tomb Exploded, The Gold And Silver Suddenly Splashed, Causing Everyone To Be In Shock

Because of the need for granite to build the bridge, people decided to use mines to blow up a mountain area in Gaoyu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China despite an ancient tomb. No one expected the gold and silver treasures in the tomb to be scattered, causing everyone present at the scene to be in shock.

According to QQ, the incident happened in the 1960s, when a Chinese military unit stationed in Gaoyu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province made a proposal to break the mountain to get stone to build a bridge despite the area. This area has an ancient tomb.

Exploding the ancient tomb to use the stone as a bridge, the gold, silver, and jewels suddenly splashed, causing everyone to be in shock. Photo QQ

After the proposal was approved, more than 200 people were mobilized to the scene to carry out the demolition.

Gold bars obtained in ancient tombs.

But after the ancient tomb was blown up with dynamite, an astonishing scene suddenly appeared. Hundreds of glittering, dazzling pieces of gold, silver, and jewels that had been buried for hundreds of years deep in the ground splashed on the ground, making everyone present at the scene stunned.

After that, the scene completely lost control. Many people came to see the mountain breaking and rushed to pick up treasures.

This incident was quickly reported to the authorities at all levels. The Department of Cultural Relics immediately stepped in, sending a team to the place to collect antiques and gold and silver treasures in ancient tombs and ask people to return what they had picked up.

According to QQ, dozens of rare and precious cultural relics have been picked up and brought home by local people, including 5 gold treasures, 23 silver antiques, 5 gem items and a lot of onyx, tiger beat and even 3 folding fans.

Another treasure from the ancient tomb.

The antiques are all exquisitely designed, especially a few pieces of jade are cultural relic of top quality “national treasure”.

The total value of the batch of cultural relics in the ancient tomb is estimated to be at least 200 million yuan.

Of course, the ancient tomb has so many valuable cultural relics that will make many people curious about the owner of the tomb.

After studying the epitaph in the tomb, archaeologists discovered that this is the tomb of Ngo Lam, a great official of the Ming Dynasty, who used to hold the post of overseer of Shandong province.

Ngo Lam was born in 1485, died in 1553. He was not only a mandarin but also a famous scholar, even being hailed as one of the “four great scholars” of his time. Ngo Lam once returned to his hometown in 1547 because he was bored with the scene of fighting in the official place and then lived a simple and frugal life until his death.


According to historical documents, Ngo Lam is famous for being an honest mandarin, with a great reputation.

That makes experts wonder where the huge amount of gold and silver treasures in his grave came from. Because in Ngo Lam’s time, he did not have so much gold and silver.

According to experts, it turned out that the number of treasures, gold and silver treasures in Ngo Lam’s grave were placed by his 4 sons. Ngo Lam’s sons are also very talented and filial.

Thinking that his father’s tomb was too simple, the four brothers reburied his father’s grave. After that, they themselves placed the above gold and silver treasures in Ngo Lam’s grave and almost ruined his father’s reputation.