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The Lost Civilization Mystery: Power Jack And Artificial Stones?

However, more and more archaeologists are finding the remains of many human civilizations millions of years ago, sometimes even more modern and civilized than now. Hopefully this series of articles will help readers have more insight into the history and culture of people that have been lost in the past.

The two pieces of artifacts include an electrical jack and an artificial stone, possibly the remains of high-tech civilizations lost in the course of history.

A high-tech civilization must have existed in Earth’s ancient past. But so far we don’t know much about it.

Most of what we know about prehistoric people is from the artifacts they left behind.

However, there are prehistoric artifacts that will discourage many people from having to analyze their anomalous properties. In this article we will discuss two such artifacts.

Ancient power jack

The first discovery was in 1998. While climbing in North M, electrical engineer John. J. Williams found an object that looked like an electrical jack sticking out of the ground. This object was found in a remote location, far from human settlements, industrial sites, airports, power plants or nuclear plants. After digging deep into the ground, Williams found the object to be a device with three plugs, firmly attached to a rock.

Today this object is named Petradox. Through analysis, it was found to be an electrical device attached to hard granite composed of quartz and feldspar, with a small amount of mica mineral. There is so much mystery surrounding this object.

Petradox is not an alluvial, granular, pumice or fossil. It does not contain any resins, cements, glues, binders, limestone, mortars, or non-riolite/non-granite binders. It is very hard.

The device is about 8 mm in diameter; the plugs are about 3mm long, and the spacing between the plugs is 2.5mm, while the diameter of the plugs is about 1mm.

Mr. Williams asked an engineer and geologist to examine the object, and they concluded that the electrical equipment attached to the granite showed no signs of being glued or soldered in any way known to date. which clearly indicates that the object has existed since at least the time the rock was formed, or earlier. According to the results of geological analysis, this “stone” is at least 100,000 years old, which is unthinkable if this object is man-made. According to the current understanding of the technological development level of mankind at that time, there was no way to create such a thing.

Someone once offered to pay $ 500,000 but Mr. Williams refused to sell it. However, he claims that any researcher can come and examine the artifact.

One peculiarity and quite striking is, this device looks very much like an XLR power jack or something like that. This artifact has a weak magnetic attraction, and measurement data from the ohmmeter shows an open circuit or extremely high impedance characteristic between the plugs. This artifact does not appear to be made of wood, plastic, metal, rubber, or any other known metal. X-ray results show that in the center of the stone there is a “opaque white structure”.

The above electrical equipment is very similar to the XLR power jack. (Image: Wikimedia)

According to Williams, spots of melted metal-like material can be seen on the surface around the Petradox device, indicating that some metal objects near the “electric jack” have been subjected to an intense heat source. , which then melts into a metallic solution and then shoots onto Petradox.

The second discovery is no less interesting.

Artificial stone

In 1990, a blue stone was discovered by geologist and archaeologist Angelo Pitoni during an archaeological dig in Sierra Leone in West Africa.

The mysterious stone was created by an extremely advanced civilization but lost in history.

He sent this mysterious stone to several laboratories around the world for analysis, including University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of Rome (Italy), Utrecht University (Netherlands), University of Tokyo (Japan). ) and the University of Freiberg (Germany). All the experts inside came to the same conclusion, that this blue stone does not exist because it is unlike any known natural stone on Earth.

Mysterious blue stone from heaven.

Therefore it must be an artificial stone. Because this stone is blue and has thin white veins, it is named “Heavenly Stone” or “Stone from Heaven”.

Its composition consists of more than 77% Oxygen, along with small amounts of Carbon, Silicon, Calcium and Sodium. This composition resembles concrete or mortar, and appears to have been artificially colored.

Indigenous people living in the area where the stone was discovered have long known of its existence, because this stone-like artifact often comes out when they dig holes in the ground.

Another notable mystery regarding this stone is that it has always been found in layers of soil dating back to at least 12000 BC. This stone was certainly created by an extremely advanced but lost civilization in history.

Some people believe that science is not interested in such pieces of artifact because they are afraid of facing contradictions. Once authentic, these artifacts could fundamentally change our understanding of human history and human origins.