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Dog Waits At Bus Stop Every Day To Do “One Thing” With His Boy

A dog and his person can form an unbreakable bond, but when that person is a child, things get really special.

The affection that children have for their dogs and vice versa has a very genuine quality.

That love was perfectly captured in a video of Maggie and her favorite human ever, a little boy who goes to school every day.

A cute dog named Maggie is shown in the video waiting patiently on the grass for the bus. When it does, she is aware that her favorite person is close by.

The young child exits the bus, runs to where Maggie is waiting, and the two of them share the cutest and sweetest hug.

The two, who are from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, follow this schedule each and every school day. Every time her son steps off the bus, Maggie welcomes him with a hug because she can’t wait for him to get home. It’s reall precious!

According to ViralHog, “She waits for him every day and always gives him a big hug. They are best buddies.”




It’s the kind of love and loyalty that can only be found between a pup and its human.