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YouTuber Claims To Discover Abandoned Cargo Ship In Antarctica Using Google Earth

A YouTuber by the name ‘Scott Waring’ (channel: UFO Sightings Daily), was using the popular mapping tool Google Earth and had made a claim of discovering an abandoned cargo ship in Antarctica, though the truth is much more straightforward. What appeared to be a missing ship to Scott Waring was in fact a giant iceberg, it emerged on closer inspection.

It all began with a YouTuber sharing a Google Earth image with the intention of finding a lost ship. Waring, who has previously ‘found’ pink aliens on Mars, has shared his findings on the video-sharing website.

He said the abandoned ship was probably headed to being recycled. There was a storm, which explains the missing tug, before its ‘discovery’ in Antarctica.

To back up his claim, Waring shared several Google Earth images. He went as far as to say that it could even be a nuclear submarine, though he was no expert in the field.

He then claimed that it was likely a cargo ship. Waring also tried reaffirming the results of his online sleuthing by apparently measuring the ship’s size, saying it was 967 ft. long.

The YouTuber later said that the ship and the surrounding area had disappeared.