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What ancient civilization had the most attractive women by modern standards?

I’d say Ancient-Egyptian beauty standard is the most ideal in the modern day for the following reasons.

Physical appearances:

Youthful/feminine body was considered ideal for both men and women:

Thin and linear figure, flat stomach, shaven body hair, thin waist, wide hips and perky/pointed breasts were considered the ideal body type for women.

The ideal face for Ancient-Egyptian women is more akin to what we would consider beautiful today in comparison with most other civilizations:

Oval shaped face, petite forward protruding chin with no double-chin, small/thin nose that curves upwards, and full-lips are commonly depicted in Ancient-Egyptian artwork as apposed to the majority of the worlds preference for double chins.

They have a more appealing cosmetics than most other cultures at the time:

Long braided hair/wigs, long eyelashes, eye-shadow that makes the eyes look bigger and sharper was considered ideal. Also, their garments were very light and simple so they can stay cool and show off their natural body. (Although in my opinion the Minoans and various dynasties in Chinese history had prettier hairstyles and makeup for women… but hey!.. No blackened teeth like the Heian Era Japanese, or Uni-brows like the Ancient Greeks!)


They kept themselves very clean for ancient standards:

Egyptians had access to a variety of soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, combs, deodorants, perfumes, and even breath mints. Ancient Egyptians were required by their religion to bathe once a day or else they would be forbidden from speaking. (Some Egyptians even bathed up to four times a day!)

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now but thank you for reading this far!