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Dr. Basiago stated: “I have physically traveled in time and I can prove it.”

To date, time travel is impossible for science. However, Washington native lawyer Andrew Basiago claims to have proof that he has done it dozens of times.

Basiago during a conference revealing everything about the Pegasus Project.

Dr. Andrew Basiago alleged that during the  Cold War , he was part of a  secret project , and that on that occasion he managed to  travel through time  dozens of times.

According to information leaked from the Department of Defense, more than 40 years ago, the United States government for the year 1967, was using the Technology of  traveling in time .

The United States investigated technology to travel through time

Time travel technology   was secretly used for the construction of military installations. Knowing the future, they gained political and economic advantages.

The project was specifically based on documentation seized from  Nikola Tesla  after his death.

Michael Relfe, one of the informants, a former member of the United States Armed Forces, said it was part of a top secret Operation.

He was recruited in 1976 and spent  20 years helping  to maintain and expand US colonies on  Mars. 

He further stated that these bases were  built in the future  to protect secrecy, and that they were research areas and US defense targets.

Andrew Basiago, the main disseminator of this conspiracy, said he participated in the  Pegasus project  of  DARPA , which was since  1968 has year 1972 . This project was based on  traveling through time  using the hologram of time and space.

He stated that the  CIA  trained groups of school-age youth with the right qualifications, who became the first-generation scouts.

The US government was more interested in young minds and bodies, as they were better suited for this mission. This was because the effects of time travel  did not affect their minds they  were fresh and inexperienced.

The adults participating in this mission, for the most part,  fell into madness  after several trips. Unlike the children who were impassive.

Andrew Basiago: political control in the country

Andrew Basiago denounced that this technology was used to maintain  political control  in the nation. People who would be of interest to America’s future were notified in advance.

He recalled that in 1970, he was present at a luncheon where  George HW Bush was notified that he would be president. The same happened with his son,  George W. Bush .

In 1971, looking into the future, you could see images of the fateful attack on 9-11. The US government knew  three decades before  that these events would occur.

The informants assure that despite having been declassified, it is most likely that these technologies continue to be studied and used in secret.

They repudiate this fact, as they assure that the general public should be aware of this technology, as it would be beneficial to humanity.

Is it really possible that this technology could have been developed to such an extent? If they were based on Tesla documentation, anything is possible. However why keep it a secret and not use it for all benefits?