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Dark anecdotes about mermaids: Not as beautiful and gentle as in the movies

Among these is the story of the mermaid harming seafarers, causing ships to sink…

The ocean contains many mysteries that people aspire to decipher. During the past thousands of years, many civilizations in the world have anecdotes and legends about mysterious things and phenomena occurring in the seas of the world. Among these, the story of the mermaid attracted the attention of many people.

Besides anecdotes about beautiful, gentle, kind mermaids, some legends in ancient Europe describe creatures with the upper half of the body as a human, the lower half of the body as a fish, extremely aggressive and cruel. .

Specifically, some anecdotes in Europe say that some mermaids seduced sailors while sailing on the sea. Fascinated by the beauty and beautiful voices of mermaids, the sailor was caught off guard, leading to falling into the sea and drowning.

The mermaid enjoyed watching the sailors be mesmerized and then drowned. The bones of the sailors were later used by the mermaid as musical instruments.

Some mermaids are even more cruel when they can sink ships, causing the entire crew and goods on board to sink to the bottom of the sea.

In Greek mythology, mermaids are called Sirens. They use their heavenly voice to lure sailors and fishermen into the deadly waters.

After the fishermen’s ships and sailors enter their waters, the mermaids will show their cruelty by attacking the sailors to death or causing large waves that cause the boats to be damaged. overturned, sunk into the sea.

Sometimes mermaids charm, hypnotize seafarers to make them lose all reason. From then on, they became servants of the mermaid and forgot about the relatives, family, and friends waiting for their return.

Similarly, the Japanese have a number of legends about mermaids with odd shapes. According to some stories, this mysterious creature has an upper half of a monkey and a lower half of a fish.

The mermaid is described as ferocious with extremely scary sharp fangs. They sometimes attack, cannibalizing seafarers to satisfy their hunger.