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Surprised To Reincarnate The Body Of A 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Beauty With A Personality Tattoo

According to Science Alert, the two women were brought back from an ancient town on the banks of the Nile, wearing a tattoo on their lower back that the data suggests was “fashionable” in their time. Their identities are unknown, but because they were mummified, these Egyptian girls must have been noblewomen.

Two Egyptian girls were excavated from a site called Deir el-Medina, where one was found a century ago, but only now have experts noticed unusual black marks on their skin. hers.

It took a century for scientists to realize that the strange patch of skin on the waist of an Egyptian girl was a tattoo – Photo: The Journal of Egyptian Archeology

Just below the waist, a little above the buttocks is a tattoo strip with diamond motifs with many other patterns and figures, similar to some of the motifs carved on the ceiling of ancient tombs at that time.

The second mummy was analyzed in 2019 and with infrared imaging, her waist and back also revealed symmetrical patterns. Researchers believe that the tattoo depicts a peaceful scene of the banks of the Nile, overseen by a god’s eye – representing the Egyptian god Horus, who symbolizes healing, protection and happy.

The tattoo of the second Egyptian girl shows the peaceful banks of the Nile – Photo: The Journal of Egyptian Archeology

These are also not the first girls to be found with tattoos. The first tattooed mummy was discovered in 1891, since then seven more people have been brought back from Deir el-Medina, including the two Egyptian girls mentioned above.

A team of scientists has “reincarnated” the amazing body parts of two Egyptian girls – led by associate professor Anne Austin from the University of Missouri in St. Louis (USA) – writing in The Journal of Egyptian Archeology that the aforementioned tattoos as an ancient magic to protect girls.


Only women can wear these tattoos, because their meaning, especially the tattoo on the lower back, may be to give them the power to protect them from childbirth and motherhood later on. It was always a dangerous process for women, especially in ancient times.

Some of the girls have other well-preserved parts of the skin that are completely smooth, but some are covered in up to 30 tattoos. Scientists have not yet been able to answer that.


But they claim, no matter what, the tattoos are still valuable – in their sophistication, even though they were created 3,000 years ago.