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6 Cases Of Encountering “Fairy Fairies” In Real Life That Shocked History

Are little fairies like Tinkle Bell just the product of pure imagination, in fairy tales and legends? Are these magical creatures based on a real-life version?

It’s hard to answer this question, but if you could come face-to-face with some of the versions of “real-life fairies” below, you probably wouldn’t deny the idea outright, and give it some serious thought. more about it.

1. British singer suddenly took pictures of “fairy fairies” in real life

One summer morning in 2016, British singer John Rutledge strolled through a field near Newbridge, Wales. As he walked, he took pictures of the surroundings. It was only when he returned and reviewed the photographs that he realized what looked like a small seven-petaled creature, hovering between the meadow and the flower.

Strange creatures in John’s photograph. Photo: Daily Mail

When zoomed in, this creature can be seen as a humanoid with wings, looking very much like a fairy. Photo: Daily Mail

2. The young mother accidentally captured the mysterious creature “with wings, wearing pants and socks”

Lisa Wildgoose, a young mother with two children, accidentally captured a tiny, winged creature hovering in a forest of flowers near Towcester, Northampton, England.

The photo was taken by Lisa Wildgoose. Photo:

When zooming in on the image, this creature appears with blonde hair. It’s as if she’s wearing long pants and a pair of shiny little shoes (pictured below).

Enlarged image of Tinker bell in the photo. Photo: Mercury Press

3. The glowing “fairy” accidentally caught the security camera behind the house

In 2012, a YouTube user posted a video of a backdoor security camera.

In the video, from time to time, there are many luminescent creatures that sometimes flash across the screen. Especially at the 16th second, a human-like creature can be seen flying down from the upper right corner, suddenly turning and then flying straight up to form a V shape. This creature has a very fast flight speed. At 24 seconds, they can see another luminescent creature soaring overhead, right from the center of the screen. This creature has wings, appears to have two legs, and glows brightly in the still night.

To date, this video has amassed a total of 4.3 million views on YouTube.

4. A British woman accidentally took a picture of a fairy in her backyard

In 2009, a British woman named Phyllis Bacon claimed to have photographed a “fairy fairy” creature in her backyard. She said she was chatting with a few people after dinner, holding the camera in her hand, accidentally pressing the shutter button and recording this creature.

Photo: Kett’s News

It even glows.

Photo: Kett’s News

5. A British professor publishes photos of little “fairies”

British professor John Hyatt, an art lecturer, has published photos of small fairy-like creatures that he happened to capture in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire county, England.

The creatures in his photographs are still glowing.

John Hyatt emphasizes his photographs prove the magical creatures that exist in the Rossendale valley, England. Photo: MENS

Mr. Hyatt then posted these images on social media and displayed at an exhibition called “Rossendale Fairies”.

6. Another little “fairy” accidentally caught the camera lens

In 2014, a British woman named Lucia Cordaro uploaded to YouTube a clip of a strange creature that accidentally caught her camera.

She said, at that time, she was about to go to bed when she suddenly heard the loud sound of motorbikes starting outside the house. After going downstairs to investigate the source of the strange sound, she suddenly heard a rather loud bang on the window. Thinking someone had thrown something at the window, she opened her laptop to check. The number is that she has a camera installed outside the house, connected to a laptop. And she was shocked when she saw the tiny tinkerbell-like thing fly past in front of the screen.