The mummy “beauty Lou Lan” and the ancient book have such strange content that they dare not publish it

Lop Nur is a "mecca" that any explorer wants to explore, but not everyone dares to set foot in this place because there are too many mysterious disappearances here.

“Dead Sea” Lop Nur makes many people afraid of the harshness and strange mysteries rumored here. In addition, many mysterious disappearances that are difficult to explain in the Lop Nur desert area make people afraid. However, the more mysterious, the more mysterious people are curious to know more.

Lou Lan Ancient Citadel

The mysterious ancient book of Lop Nur

When archaeologists and scientists excavated this mysterious land, they found many strange books that have never been published. Because they contain a lot of unimaginable content.

Famous in Lop Nur must be mentioned Lau Lan ancient citadel. This is a small country that disappeared in 630 BC, leaving many unsolved mysteries for posterity. Since the Lau Lan ruins were announced, many scientists have been intrigued. Archaeological experts also entered Lop Nur to study.

Here, they found a book that recorded the genealogy from the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Like many other documents related to historians, medicine, … These ancient books are all made from bamboo cards, but the content makes experts not dare to publish.

In a fragment found, archaeologists discovered the word “Vinh Khang San”. This name appears in the fragment causing much controversy. Some people think it’s not real, some say it’s Emperor Kangxi. To date, there have been no verifiable reports on the historical origin of these fragments. The extracted contents are still mysterious and unverified, so experts are not in a hurry to announce it to the outside.

In addition to this strange bamboo card, experts also found a large number of precious relics in Lau Lan such as coins, pieces of silk, … Especially a mummy that has been in the desert for more than a thousand years.

The “beautiful” mummy in the heart of Lop Nur

According to the “History – Dai Uyen List” and “Han Shu – Western Region Tales” records, Lou Lan is an ancient country, appearing from the 2nd century BC in the northeastern region of La Bo desert, Xinjiang. Here, people often refer to the beautiful Lau Lan as a “masterpiece of the Creator” in the legend.


However, in fact, no one had ever really known the face of this beautiful pink shadow before. From generation to generation, they keep imagining and telling their children and grandchildren. Thanks to that, the reputation of the beauty Lau Lan became more and more resounding and made the world curious.

Until April 1980, how Chinese archaeologists discovered an extremely mysterious mausoleum here. Notably, in addition to the artifacts buried underground for thousands of years, there is also an extremely beautiful female mummy that is said to be the beauty Lau Lan.

Although this person has passed away a long time ago, the beauty still shines.

The mummy known as “Lau Lan Beauty” is very well preserved. Even after thousands of years, her body did not rot. Bright white skin, sharp facial features are still a beautiful beauty. In particular, the facial contours show that “Lau Lan Beauty” has a mixture of Asia and Europe, the beauty of “Western hybrids” makes many experts ask big questions.

The mummy has existed for more than 3,800 years and was determined to have died about over 40 years old, has a height of 1.57m and blood type O. When found, the remains of the beauty are still wearing clothes made of wool and leather. sheep, wearing thick fur boots, and high-rise hats. In particular, the long hair on the head is still intact. However, what the public was most interested in at that time was her real face.

Unfortunately, the science of this stage has not yet developed, so it is really difficult to restore the appearance of such a long deceased person. It was not until 2002, which is more than 20 years later, that archaeologists were able to use 3D technology to “restore” the beauty of the “immortal reputation”. Indeed, the appearance was exactly what it had been rumored for centuries.

The discovery of this particular mummy aroused interest from all over the world at the time. This not only proves that since ancient times, Lou Lan’s trade with other countries in the world has begun.

The beauty of the beauty Lau Lan when restored.

In addition, the discovery of this mysterious mummy is a clue for archaeologists to find the reason why Lau Lan ancient citadel disappeared overnight. And from here, how has the relationship with the “Silk Road” been formed? Doesn’t this make a lot of sense for understanding human past history?

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