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The cat was abused, struggled for life and miraculously revived

There is a story “fairy in the middle of life” that happened in the life of the poor, abandoned cat. A story rich in humanity quickly attracted the attention of all members of the animal-loving group…

Struggling in a hostel in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a small cat struggling to survive in September 2018 made everyone’s heart flutter. At that time, Rom (the poor cat’s name) was thin and shriveled as if he had only skin and bones.

The terrible situation Rom was in.

Then, how fortunate, there was a girl who saw that dangerous situation, she quickly posted a message asking for Rom’s help on social networks. Seeing these heartbreaking images, the guy with the nickname Bo Kim quickly asked his sister to come down to the place to take the cat to District 10 for treatment. Bo Kim emotional recounts:

When the baby was received at about 6-7am, the smell of rotting meat was strong, even holding the bag felt light because the baby was strangled for a long time and could not swallow food, his body was thin. I was also quite surprised that she was tortured like that and still alive.

Very quickly Rom was taken to the veterinarian, Rom was removed from the neck and sewn up the thin skin around. 9x shared that suffocating moment:

Just removed, the baby cried out begging for food. The doctor hoped there was no infection because the wound was already badly necrotic.

After nearly 4 weeks of skin grafting, wound monitoring and anti-infective injections, Rom’s health progressed very positively. From an exhausted body, Rom revived into a beautiful and smart fat cat. Comparing the photo of the cat from September last year with the current condition, many people can’t help but be surprised.

Rom’s miraculous revival makes many people admire

Spring comes and brings joy, giving Rom a complete home. Before Tet 2019, Rom was adopted by a family with conditions. Now, Rom’s life is likened to a “luxury young man”. Everyone was touched when this year’s cat was warm and full.

Today’s cat is fat and white.

Bo Kim said this is not the first time he has adopted cats in such an emergency. During 3 years of maintaining activities to save and take care of orphaned cats, the guy realized many meaningful things:

Rom is no longer lonely and unhappy like 4 months ago.

Currently, the 23-year-old ᴍᴀɴ is raising about 20 stray cats in a house in Phu Nhuan district. Bo Kim said that all of these cats were taken care of by him and paid for treatment with his own money:

The secret to reviving cats is to stay happy and not stress them out. You have to take care, talk and help your baby get along with the cats around.

I personally just hope that when people see cats in need of rescue, don’t chase them away, but give them a chance to live. Miracles always appear when we do something useful in life. 

We all understand how lovely and wonderful animals are, don’t adopt a baby for “temporary interest” and then leave him alone.

You know, “dogs never criticize poor owners”, no matter who you are, the cats/dogs will still be with you to go to the ends of the earth, unless death takes away his life. . The story of Bo Kim and Rom is just one of many miracles out there, in this chaotic life, sometimes we should all find ourselves in such humanistic silences to see it. How good life is.