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The Mystery Of The Tilted Giant Stone 1,300 Years Without Falling In India

It is surprising that this giant stone has stood for more than a thousand years in the same position.

Only people with nerves of steel dare to stand near this giant rock because they never know when an object weighing up to 250 tons will roll down.

“Stone of the Sky God” – The stone of God is the special name that the people of Mahabalipuram in southern India give to this stone.

Perched precariously on a 45-degree slope, during 1,300 years of sunshine, rain, and wind, it has not even changed and has become an interesting attraction.

The stone of God has stood for more than a thousand years in this position.

The 6.1-meter-high rock has a very narrow face in contact with the steep hill below. Many people who come here to admire have to be surprised because if they look at it, it seems that with just a slight push is that this 250-ton rock will roll down.

People also believe that standing near this rock to take pictures is a rather dangerous challenge. They always have a thought that it will fall on them at any moment.

People ventured to take pictures under the mysterious rock

Photo: ST

Locals believe that the place where this stone is placed is an arrangement of the gods.

Geologists try to prove the mystery of this rock, they believe that natural erosion has created this precarious rock and that it is in fact part of the hill below.

But it seems that this argument is not interesting to many people, because its unique and interesting beauty makes people more passionate.

One still cannot explain how nature can create such a perfect equilibrium.

In the same history there have been people trying to change the status quo of the rock. It was King Narasimhavarman, who ruled South India from 630 to 668 BC.

By 1908, Governor Arthur Lawley, fearing for the safety of the town at the foot of the hill where the rock was, used seven elephants to try to move it. But nothing changed and people began to look at it spiritually.