“Scared Of Heart” Saw A Skeleton Like A “Monster Arm” Washed Up On The Beach

Two Brazilian tourists were "heartbroken" when they discovered the strange bone fragments while walking by the beach.

The incident happened on a sandbar in Ilha Comprida in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, over the weekend. Two Brazilian tourists, Leticia Gomes Santiago and her boyfriend Devanir Souza, were walking by the beach when they were shocked to discover strange bones washed up in the sea.

According to the description, it was a giant hand with long bony fingers. The couple took their sandals and placed them next to their long bony fingers to see its great size.

“It’s not clear what animal bones they are. They are as big as aliens,” said Leticia Gomes Santiago.

The two talked to the locals, but no one knew what species these strange bones belonged to. They even joked that it looked like a mermaid’s hand, even a dinosaur bone.

Meanwhile, marine biologist Eric Comin said the unusual “hand” actually belonged to an aquatic mammal such as a whale or dolphin. According to decomposition images at the scene, the creature died about 18 months ago.

According to experts, this bone may belong to a dolphin or whale that died 18 months ago (Image: Mirror).

The expert added that anyone who sees an animal carcass on the beach should notify the area’s environmental agency, the Institut de Cananéia (IPEC).

“We always prefer to leave the skeletons on the beach so as not to interfere with the nutrient cycle in the ecosystem. In the event of a new animal death, collecting samples for analysis will help experts identify them. cause,” added Henrique Chupill, a spokesman for IPEC.

According to Mark D Scherz, assistant professor of vertebrate zoology and curator of reptile studies at the Statens Naturhistoriske museum in Denmark, he once dissected the carcass of a whale that washed up on the beach in 2021. Pulling out all the meat, the “bizarre hand” suddenly appeared.

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