40 Dogs Sleeping And Laying Down In The Funniest Poses

These photos below are sure to make you laugh.

Is there anything funnier than dogs being quirky and hilarious? Nope! Scroll down to check out the 40 silly and entertaining dogs that choose to nap in the silliest positions imaginable! Prepare to laugh out loud at these amusing dogs! Who said dogs don’t have a sense of humour!

1. God, he must be getting the best sleep of his life. Till he wakes up and his head is stuck like that for the next 3 days.

2. He’s dreaming of hugging his hooman.


4. Now the downward dog pose makes total sense!

5. Is he trying some sort of unknown shrimping?

6. “I like sucking my foot before falling asleep. You can’t judge me. I know about the box under your bed.”

7. He’s a Wookiee. It’s how they say hi. Nothing to see here.

8. An advanced sploot form.

9. I didn’t realise the manufacturing defect was so widespread.

10. Looks like this pup is hanging from invisible monkey bars.

11. Dög: Some assembly required.

12. 10 bucks said someone dropped something tasty there earlier today!

13. Majestic drumsticks.

14. Flamingo Dog.

15. Looks like a bowling pin.

16. Bought at IKEA, have to assemble it properly.

17. Just like the way a toddler falls asleep; anywhere and in any position.

18. “Paint be like one of French girls” or “Put a ring on it” or “Flashdance….what a feeling”

19. “Food, glorious food… zzzzzZZZZZ”

20. This dog may be a Pilates instructor.

21. Maybe the dog gets it right and we are all wrong…

22. Side from the Ice Age movies is taking a nap.

23. “Praise the sun!”

24. I can assure you that that dog has never been more comfortable in its life.

25. And here we have Dali’s lesser known, but most adorable work…

26. Jell-O-doggo.

27. The face of the pooch on the couch. Like it’s thinking “wth are you doing?”

28. doge.exe has stopped working.

29. Looks like a seal!

30. Ralph looks like he’s totally exhausted himself prior to naptime. What did he chase? Butterflies.

31. He’s a golden shower retriever.

32. Kid and pet kryptonite: a long ride will make them nap right away.

33. Those toe beans are gonna be booped.

34. Yoga position: sleeping lotus.

35. Awww what a cute doorstop! Oh, wait that’s Doris.

36. Puppy pile!

37. “This is MY spot on the couch, I called it!”

38. He fell asleep mid-butt-scoot.

39. I beliveeeeeeeeeeee I can flyyyyyyyyy

40. I have wondered how pets don’t wake up with a serious kink in their necks half the time.

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