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Digging Into An Ancient Grave, Construction Workers Trembled When They Saw The Tombstone With Their Name

While digging the foundation of the construction site, construction workers accidentally dug an ancient tomb. When he saw the tombstone, the worker was scared and fell to the ground.

It is often said that this life is wonderful and maybe it will bring you big “surprises”.

After digging into the ancient tomb, what did the worker see that trembled and was afraid? KK News’s photo.

And one real construction worker received a “surprise” but in an unexpected way, even scaring him with a panic attack.

According to China’s KK News, one morning in March 2018, the worker went to the construction site to work as usual.

They were building a building, and while digging the foundation, they suddenly hit a large ancient tomb.

The worker and his colleagues were both happy because they thought that in the ancient tomb there must be valuable antiques or even gold and silver treasures…

Everyone was therefore eager to dig deep underground to find valuables.

However, as soon as he saw the tombstone, the worker immediately turned pale, trembled and fell to the ground. His colleagues hurriedly ran to look at the tombstone, everyone was shocked, their limbs fell off.

What made people so scared?

As it turned out, on the ancient tombstone was the exact name of the worker. Everyone thinks this is a bad omen, so they feel scared, especially the workers.

Finally, after discussing, they decided to invite archaeologists to appraise.

The ancient tomb belonged to a high-ranking official in ancient times, who suddenly had the same name as that worker.

As a result, after research, experts reassured the worker that the name on the tombstone was just coincidental with him. The ancient tomb belonged to a high-ranking official in ancient times, whose name coincided with the worker’s, so it wasn’t as bad a omen as people feared. After listening to the expert’s explanation, the worker breathed a sigh of relief and was no longer afraid.

Chinese feudal officials

In fact, it is quite common these days to have the same name. Even in life, we may not only once but many times come across someone with the same name as us. Have you ever had a “strange” encounter with someone with the same name as you?