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Chained Pitbull To A Radiator For 6 Months, Found Eating Snow Thinking It’s Food

It’s so sad what the dog went through.

The story speaks about Lucky, a young pitbull that had the worst existence ever with owners who didn’t even care to properly feed him or provide him with a place to stay in!

He was chained in cold winter to a radiator, which made him eat snow thinking that it was food!

AMA Animal Rescue was called to help the dog, who was just skin and bones! Fortunately, the rescuers went directly to the scene, and they gave him the first proper meal in weeks!

The dog was subsequently placed in a foster home, where he was given the love and attention he so desperately needed! With the aid of his foster family’s other siblings, his recuperation process was improving.

The best thing was that he was then adopted by a kind family in Brooklyn, NY. Finally, Lucky has something of his name!