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Best Friends Dug A Huge Gold Treasure: A Sad Ending For Friendship

Using a cheap metal detector, two old friends change their lives together after the sound of finding a foreign object is heard.

There are unexpected luck, there are joys that come suddenly in a random way that even the insiders are surprised. In 2009, the British media was shocked with the news that the two giants owned nearly 100 billion VND after just one short night.

Mr. Terry Herbert (England) and Fred Johnson knew each other, it is worth mentioning that this acquaintance turned into luck. During a groping on Fred Johnson’s land, Terry came up with the idea of using a machine. Old metal detectors “play” on this vast land.

Mr. Fred Johnson (left), Terry on the far right is standing on the land containing huge treasure.

Unexpectedly, when a strange signal was emitted, Fred and Terry were extremely shocked when in just 5 days of searching, they both saw 3900 gold artifacts believed to date back hundreds of years.

According to experts, in the artifacts, there are 5kg of gold and 2.5kg of pure silver attached to hats, swords and shields valued at up to 3.3 million pounds.

A huge golden treasure was found by two old friends together.

After the treasures were found, Fred and Terry sold them to the museum and raised a large amount of money that they never imagined they would have the opportunity to own.

However, money clouded the eyes and destroyed the long-standing affection of two old friends. Mr. Terry said that Mr. Fred Johnson wanted all the treasure to belong to him because of the treasure on Fred’s land.

Exquisite solid gold pieces of great value.

Years after the treasure was found, the two still have not been able to defuse their conflicts and disputes. At the event celebrating the 10th anniversary of finding the treasure, Mr. Fred Johnson admitted: “It’s a wonderful treasure, just not to mention Terry”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Terry Herbert moves into a luxury house and refuses to attend a treasure hunt event organized by the local government.