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Aliens are coming? UFO believers go crazy after watching Tasmania fireball video

Is it a bird, a plane or a meteorite?

Is that a UFO? (Source: Lee-Anne Peters/Facebook)

Aliens have always been a point of extreme fascination, and once a good alien story starts, it’s difficult to stop the hysteria. Bollywood or Hollywood, movies like Koi… Mil Gaya, Alien series, Extraterrestrial and Fire in the Sky have only added fuel to the flames. Another such incident took place in Tasmania when a user saw a fireball cutting across the sky.

A mysterious video shot by a Tasmania-resident sparked UFO rumours and it is only growing each second. Lee-Anne Peters happened to be up before sunrise and noticed a ball of fire in the sky. “There’s a pretty big fireball meteorite moving towards the eastern sunrise. I got it on video I’ll share soon. SE Tasmania,” read her Facebook status, posted on February 27 at 6.44 am.

The Tasmanian woman posted the video soon after and in no time, it went viral and has garnered over 92,000 views in two days. “A spectacular plane coloured by the rising sun. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Spotted here in Sorell just after 6.30am Tuesday 28th Feb 2017,” she wrote.


While some experts deemed it to be backlit by the sunrise thereby creating the fiery effect, others said that it’s not an airplane.