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See The Strange Poodle Moth: Super Huge Size, Shape Like Satan

First discovered in Venezuela in 2009, the Poodle Moth is a moth of a new family. It was discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 2009 in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela.

This moth has a very strange appearance, looking like a model made of aliens, but has the addition of poodle-like fur covering the head, chest, abdomen and even wings.

Many people think that it looks like a real-life Pokemon.

Although it looks like a toy, you won’t want to play with it at all. After being recorded, this butterfly was classified as one of the 25 most feared animals on the planet due to its bulging black eyes and super-large size.

Although shaped like … Satan, this monster is an insect with a long and quite smooth hair – surprising to the scientific community. Insects with wings like butterflies, the plumage has a sensing function, so it is usually just a very thin layer of fluff.

However, one thing is for sure, you should not pet them, because sometimes the insect’s feathers have poisons that irritate the skin, protecting them from predators.