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The legend of the 7 most beautiful women in the history of the world: How many men bow

From spies to dancers, from Queens to high-class prostitutes… They know that they have the beauty they have given to them and also know how to use that beauty to change history.

Here are 7 stories of 7 women who are considered the sexiest women in the history of the world:


Queen Cleopatra was one of the most influential figures in ancient Egyptian history

Cleopatra is known as the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom, Egypt. According to Egyptian custom, she first married her brothers, who were of the same royal bloodline. Cleopatra met Julius Caesar (now married to Calpurnia) when she was 21 years old, and together they gave birth to a baby boy nine months later. Since then, Caesar has abandoned plans to annex Egypt and even supported Cleopatra’s throne. After Caesar’s death, she fell in love with Marc Antony, married him, and gave birth to three children.

After the beautiful queen died for unknown reasons at the age of 39, Egypt became a province of the newly established Roman Empire.

Cléo de Mérode

Cléo de Mérode is a leading French dancer. Her image is everywhere, her beauty and style are always the focus of attention of women all over France.

It is rumored that she was the lover of King Léopold II – who had two children with a prostitute, and her reputation was greatly affected by that.

However, the name Cléo de Mérode still shines more and more like a dazzling star in the sky of France. She performed all over Europe and even to the United States. The love of the beautiful dancer and the talented painter Gustav Klimt then went down in screen history in 2006 in a short film called “Klimt”.

Mata Hari

Born in the Netherlands, Margaretha Geertruida “Margreet” MacLeod, aka Mata Hari, married a captain of the Dutch colonial squad and immigrated to Indonesia with her husband.

After a brief marriage, she returned to Europe and became a famous stripper, then gradually entered the red light and had relationships with many high-ranking military officers as well as politicians. .

At the beginning of World War I, Mata Hari became a double agent. However, many documents say that she was not really a spy but just a girl who knew too much and was sentenced to death for spying for the enemy during the war.

However, the model of a beautiful dancer who knows how to use her beauty to probe national military secrets is still a powerful inspirational story in world history.

Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri is the most famous Italian actress and Opera artist. On December 5, 1906, after Lina Cavalieri gave actor Enrico Caruso a passionate kiss in front of the astonished eyes of the entire audience in the theater, she was considered “the first lady to kiss on stage”.

Lina’s personal life is as tumultuous as her career: numerous lovers, five husbands, and an illegitimate son with a pale lecturer. She left the opera world in 1921, moved to Paris and opened a beauty salon in a foreign land.

Lina Cavalieri died in 1944 in her villa after an air raid hit Florence.

Anne “Ninon” de l’Enclos

Anne “Ninon” de l’Enclos is a French call girl and writer. Ninon was once a mentor to the famous playwright Molière. After her death, she left all her assets to her accountant’s 9-year-old son. The boy later grew up to become the famous French writer Voltaire, so he could buy books.

A high-class prostitute, Ninon had a considerable list of rich and powerful lovers, including the king’s cousin. Even so, she did not rely on support from the men who passed through her life.

Under her sharp pen, Ninon has always defended her ability to live a good life without religion, which was a big problem in the 17th century and once brought a lot of trouble to the female author family.

Simonetta Vespucci

Called “La Bella Simonetta” (the beautiful Simonetta), she was known as the most beautiful beauty in northern Italy at the time. Simonetta is also the model for many famous paintings by Botticelli. If you’ve ever seen the painting The Birth of Venus, you’ve definitely seen this girl.

It is rumored that Simonetta not only looks beautiful and pure in pictures but also in real life, even her husband is never allowed to enter his wife’s bedroom. Red face silver destiny. The beautiful Simonetta died at the age of 22 due to illness. After her death, her body was paraded around the street in an open coffin so that everyone could admire this stunning beauty one last time.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine is one of the most influential historical figures of the 12th century. At the age of 15, she married the future king of France and had two daughters. After the marriage ended briefly, she was given a piece of land on the condition that the king would keep his two daughters. Eleanon later remarried to the future king of England, Henry II.

That is why half of France now belongs to England, and also the premise for a war lasting hundreds of years between the two countries.

Over the next 13 years, she bore King Henry II 3 daughters and 5 sons. After eight children were grown, Eleanor launched an uprising against Henry with the support of her eldest son and her first husband. The rebellion failed, and the queen was imprisoned in a dungeon 16 years later.

After Henry’s death, his eldest son, Richard, ordered his mother’s release. Eleanor continues to interfere very deeply in the country’s affairs even though her age is not young.