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Dog Refuses To Leave Gate After Owner Kicks Him Out For Being Too ‘Kind’

An owner desired a fearsome dog to guard the house. When their dog just wanted to be friends with everyone, the owner decided the dog had to go.

The dog didn’t understand what was going on.

One day, he was inside the house with the owner. He was locked out and wouldn’t be allowed back in the next day.

The dog continued to wait and wait, hoping the owner would allow him back onto the property.

But the owner had made his mind up. The dog wasn’t fearsome enough.

The owner went away and then returned. The dog got excited. He hoped that he would at last be permitted to enter.

The dog then saw that the owner had brought a new dog home. This dog seemed considerably more angrier.

Still, the dog waited outside the gate, hoping to be let back in.

Fortunately, someone who could help heard about what was happening in the region.

She arrived at the proprietor’s house. She tried to knock on the owner’s door, but he wouldn’t answer.

The person who had told the rescuer about the dog then provided the owner’s number.

After a quick call, the rescuer confirmed that the dog was indeed unwanted.

The rescuer looked at the dog. He was definitely friendly.

So she poured him some water. The dog drank.

When he was done, he waited to be let back inside by the home’s gate once more.

The rescuer was pleased to see that the dog didn’t seem too dehydrated.

She assumed that the owner must have been giving him with food and drink. But then a neighbor came over and said that he and others in the neighborhood had been caring for the dog. Leo was the dog’s name, he added.

The neighbor said one last goodbye to Leo.

He had enjoyed seeing the dog. However, he was aware that going forward, the dog would be well taken care of.

The rescuers then brought Leo to the vet. Leo has damage to his ears. He also had fleas and ticks. Fortunately, the veterinarians could treat him.

The rescuer gave Leo a bath so that he would look as good as his personality was.

She was amazed to see how handsome he was with clean fur.

The next day, the rescuer took Leo on a long lakeside walk/jog. It was clear that the dog had never been so happy.

Leo’s story was posted on YouTube, where it quickly gained popularity. It has received more than 800,000 views in just a few days. More than 32,000 people have liked it and 4,700 have commented.

Unsurprisingly, Leo found a forever home very quickly. They said that Leo had found a family who would accept him for who he is, even if he was kind!