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The dish left in the tomb for 2.400 years is still “tasty”, the experts are surprised

In 2014, when Jingzhou Middle School in Hubei, China expanded its campus, found a complex of ancient tomb relics. The number of ancient tombs is up to 400 and densely distributed, but the tombs found are not from the same period, some are identified as belonging to the Warring States period, others are believed to belong to the Warring States period. Tang and Song Dynasty.


Experts have excavated this ancient tomb complex, the results found that among many ancient tombs, the one with the most complete surviving burial items is the tomb of the Zhou Dynasty of the Warring States period.

Funeral items found in the tomb (Source:

In this grave there are many different weapons including: Bow, sword, gun, armor. With the number of weapons unearthed, experts surmise that this tomb is highly likely to belong to a general of the Zhou Dynasty.

Continuing to excavate, experts have found quite a few wine bottles, paintings and metal tops. In addition to these objects, experts also found another very interesting object, a box of salted fish in the tomb.

These salted fish are placed on top of the coffin. At first, experts mistakenly thought it could be textiles, but they realized it was a dish. This conclusion surprised experts, because the 2400-year-old dish not only did not rot, but looked quite attractive.

Salted fish was found quite intact (Source: Kknews)

Fish after salting and drying is normally kept for 6 months but that is in the case of ideal temperature and humidity. The fish that the experts found was buried deep underground – a degradable environment.

Experts also found a total of 13 salted fish in the boxes, intact and not rotting after more than 2400 years, this is a unique find in the history of archeology.

Until now, the method used to preserve these fish is still being studied by experts.


In later exhibitions, salted fish from 2,400 years ago caught the attention of visitors. Chinese netizens also joked that “The salted fish dish is so good!”