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Shocked To Discover “Dlien Fish” Transparent Head, Glowing Blue Eyes

According to the Daily Mail, the “alien” fish that marine biologists caught in Monterey Bay off the coast of California is called a barreleye.

The alien fish has a transparent head and glowing green eyes. Photo Daily Mail

The strange fish has two small sockets in the normal position of the eyes, while its real eyes are two glowing green spheres at the back of the face, looking up at the top of the transparent head.

The eyes are located there to allow this strange creature to scan the waters above when looking for food, as it lives in very deep water where food sources are scarce, and allows it to turn its eyes to look back. front.

The body of the fish is dark brown, making it very difficult to spot. Daily Mail’s photo.

The barreleye was discovered during an expedition led by scientist Rachel Carson in Monterey Bay off the coast of California last week, but it was actually first described in 1939.

The barreleye’s body is mostly dark, the top of the head is completely transparent, and its eyes are clearly visible deep within.

The “alien” fish is very rarely seen because it lives deep on the seabed. Daily Mail’s photo.

According to evolutionary biologists, the fish developed such vision because of the harsh environment it lived in, where no sunlight could reach it.

The eyes of “alien fish” known as tubular eyes, usually those of deep-sea creatures, consist of a multi-layered retina and a large lens, which allows them to detect the maximum amount of light in one direction.

Marine biologists have also discovered that “alien” fish use their large, flat fins to remain motionless in the water.

This means that the surrounding creatures cannot detect it clearly. Predators hiding above cannot detect it, but it can look up to hunt small fish and plankton.

If encountering this fish, surely many people will feel “out of breath”. Daily Mail’s photo.

When a suitable piece of food is identified, the barreleye fish attacks from the dark and quickly devours its prey.

The most remarkable thing is that the researchers believe that the “alien” fish may have developed a form of light filter that allows to ignore sunlight and focus on detecting the fish’s bioluminescence. small and jellyfish, its favorite foods.