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Dog who was abandoned on a riverbank, unrecognizable as he recovers and then finds a forever home

 Since we are constantly exposed to a lot of dog stories on social media, some of them are quite sad, especially the one about homeless dogs. Fortunately, most of these stories come to a happy ending with the poor pups being adopted after all their struggles.

Today we would like to share with you the story about Coco, a charming little dog who has unfortunately fallen into the hands of bad people.

Meet Coco, a dog who was neglected and abandoned on a riverbank

It is speculated that Coco was either horribly mistreated by the community or by his so-called “owners” who had just left him to starve

Coco was so horribly malnourished you could see his bones poking through the skin

Coco’s body was extremely thin, it was obvious he hadn’t eaten for a long time while fighting for survival

The dog was covered in fleas and other parasites and was also extremely weak physically

Fortunately, Coco was noticed by nice strangers and then taken to DELKA Veterinary Hospital in Nuevo León, Mexico, where he made a full recovery.

As Coco slowly recovered, he was surrounded by nice people who went out of their way to help him adjust and feel less afraid of strangers

Within a month the change was noticeable