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Why are there such strange names as Dead Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea? Thought basic knowledge but not everyone knows

In the world, there are famous seas with strange names such as the Black Sea, the Red Sea, and the Dead Sea. Heard of a lot, but not everyone knows the deep reason why they are called that. Sometimes it is because of the strange, curious name that these seas become more famous.

Black Sea

The Black Sea or Black Sea is an inland sea located between Southeast Europe and Asia Minor. The Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Bosporus Strait and the Sea of Marmara. It has an area of about 422,000 square kilometers, with the deepest possible depth being 2,210 meters.

Where the name Black Sea comes from is actually still controversial to this day. The most scientific reason is due to the color of the sea here. Although still blue, the Black Sea is a darker blue than usual. This color is due to many species of dark algae living on the surface of the water because the salt concentration of the sea is quite low.

The sea water here is dark blue 

Another argument is that this name was given by the Greeks, Mesopotamians from time immemorial. At that time, they often used colors to indicate direction, for example yellow for the East, red for the South, black for the North and blue for the West. The Black Sea is located in the North of Greece, so it is called so.

The Black Sea can also really mean “dark”. In the old days, many ships were sunk here because of the harsh, dangerous weather. That’s why people call the Black Sea as a warning.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as the Dead Sea, is not actually a sea. In essence, it is a salt lake located on the border between the West Bank, Israel, Jordan, specifically on the Jordan valley. The lake has an area of 810km2 with a maximum depth of 330m.

The Dead Sea’s bizarre and terrifying name actually stems from its danger. Because the salinity in the water is too high, no fish or large aquatic life can live here. The organisms that survive in the Dead Sea are very small bacteria and molds. These fish and creatures from the Jordan River that swim into the sea will all suffer the same fate of dying very quickly.

However, not 100% of the river creatures that swim to the Dead Sea can’t survive. In the winter, when it rains a lot, the salt in the lake will drop to about 30%. At this time, algae can live here.

The scenery is beautiful, but the Dead Sea is really deadly

The huge amount of salt is what makes this place so special

Red Sea

Not as famous as the Black Sea or the Dead Sea, the Red Sea or Red Sea is a small bay of the Indian Ocean, located between Africa and Asia. The Red Sea connects to the ocean to the south through the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Aden. The Red Sea is about 450,000 square kilometers wide and 2,500 meters deep at its deepest point.

Similar to its Black Sea cousin, the Red Sea is not really red, but has a hint of red. The cause of the red sea water is due to the large amount of red algae called Trichodesmium erythraeum living right on the surface. But this phenomenon also only occurs at a certain time of the year. It has also been suggested that this red color comes from nearby red mineral-rich mountains.

The red sea is sometimes pink because of a species of seaweed