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Man reunites with his beloved cat who return home after 14 years

Perry Martin was residing on the coast of Florida in 2004 when the state was battered by Hurricane Jeanne, the year’s worst storm. In the midst of the bustle and upheaval, Martin lost someone extremely important to him: his beloved cat, Thomas Jr., or T-2 for short. The four-year-old cat had run away from home and was nowhere to be found.

Martin told The Dodo, “I was horrified.” “I looked all over for him. I had neighbors on the lookout for him. I spent all of my spare time looking.”

Martin reconciled himself to the fact that his cat was truly gone forever as time passed and he still hadn’t seen T-2.

But he was mistaken.


More than a decade had gone, but Martin had never forgotten his beloved companion, whom he had never attempted to substitute with another cat. He understood that even if T-2 had survived the storm’s aftermath, he’d be well into his golden years at the age of 18. That seemed implausible to Martin.

“I was convinced he had passed away,” he stated.

But then, Martin received an unexpected phone call. It came from his cat’s previous veterinarian. A stray cat with a microchip had been saved from the streets.

“‘Perry, what’d you say if I told you someone found T-2?’ they said. ‘Well, I’d probably tell you you’re nuts,’ I responded. ‘Well, the animal shelter has him,’ she replies. We used his microchip to confirm it.’”

Martin, sensing a blunder, drove to the animal shelter of the Treasure Coast just in case.

“It didn’t make sense to me. 14 years later?” Martin stated. “It was, however, him. I recognized him as quickly as I saw his face.”

T-2 appeared to recognize Martin as well; his old friend from whom he’d been estranged for 14 years. They had finally been reunited.


“T-2 has not abandoned me. He’s been resting on my lap and following me around the house “Martin stated. “He’s genuinely purring, believe it or not. In 14 years, I haven’t heard a cat purr. I have a notion he recognizes the fact that he has returned home.”

T-2 is in good health although being 18 years old and having spent the most of those 14 years on the streets. T-2 is skinny and shaky, but Martin believes he will heal now that he is securely back where he belongs.

And Martin knows just what to be thankful for : the microchip that enabled the reconnection.

“Obtain a microchip for your pet. It is not expensive “He stated. “If you take the effort, make sure to maintain the information up to date. I’d moved around during the years T-2 was gone. Update the information, even if you believe they are gone.”