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6 Archaeological Discoveries Prove That The World Is Full Of Mysteries That Frighten People

These are all archaeological finds that surprise the whole world.

Science doesn’t just stand still. The mysterious doors always appear and stimulate the scientific world to discover and discover interesting facts.

Here are a few of the archaeological finds that make viewers extremely interested.

1. Dinosaur brain

If you look at this “rock” discovered in Sussex in 2004, many people will only consider it an ordinary object. But the truth is, this is the brain of that dinosaur.

Archaeologists estimate that this brain is about 133 million years old.

With the help of special microscopes, scientists have found what the brain of the most ancient creature on the planet looks like.

The team from the UK and Australia also discovered fossils containing blood vessels, capillaries, tissue from the cerebral cortex and meninges, the membrane that helps keep the brain in place.

Scientists think that part of the brain may be submerged in stagnant acidic water, so minerals begin to replace the soft tissue in the skull, preserving it for millions of years.

2. The remains of the oldest woman on Earth

Scientists have just discovered a fairly complete skeleton in the Malapa cave in South Africa, which is about 3.6 million years old.

It is known that this is the first skeleton in the world with little skin left and named Australopithecus Sediba.

Scientists say the fingers of Australopithecus Sediba had a similar body proportions to those of modern humans.

It is important that some skin remains, setting the stage for testing the DNA of our ancestors. According to experts, this skeleton belongs to an unlucky girl – who died after falling from a cliff.

3. Native Americans know how to decorate sparkling teeth

Using gemstones to decorate teeth is not a new idea. Because archaeologists have discovered on the skull of a man in the South America dating back 2,500 years ago pearls attached to the teeth.

Through research, these teeth were drilled with glass, then they used tree resin to attach pearls and precious stones.

Anthropologist José Concepción Jiménez believes that some anesthetics with herbal extracts were used before the ancients wanted to drill teeth.

He also commented that the ancients also had a rather sophisticated knowledge of dental anatomy, so they knew how to drill at the right level to attach such stones.

4. Mummy inside Buddha statue

Thanks to CT technology, Dutch scientists discovered a mummy inside the Buddha statue.

The statue dates from around the 11th or 12th century. The mummy inside, without organs, was identified as that of a Zen master named Liuquan.

The team also researched, took research samples from the mummy and discovered pieces of paper with Chinese characters.

The team of experts considers this to be a unique finding. The results of DNA analysis are underway and may help reveal more information about the Zen master.

5. 3-pin “through-the-air” plug

In 1998, during a climb, electrical engineer John. J. Williams found a strange object that looked like an electrical plug protruding inside the rock.

The device is about 8 mm in diameter; the plugs are about 3 mm long, and the spacing between the plugs is 2.5 mm, while the diameter of the plugs is about 1 mm.

Through analysis, it was found to be an electrical device attached to hard granite composed of quartz and feldspar, with a small amount of mica mineral.

According to the results of geological analysis, this “stone” is at least 100,000 years old, which is unthinkable if this object is man-made.

6. Unusual 3,100-year-old treasure in China

Archaeologists have discovered many valuable artifacts inside a 3,100-year-old ancient tomb unearthed in the city of Baoji, China.

Most of these artifacts are made of bronze used for cooking, food and drink. The antiques are all crafted with sophisticated patterns, or detailed animal and characters…

Archaeologists say this is just the beginning and with the collected data, they will find many more secrets.