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NBA Trаde Rumorѕ: 3 Pіpe dreаm trаde tаrgets to helр Thunder wіn а сhampionship next ѕeaѕon


NBA Trade Rumors: There are three pipe dream trade targets the Oklahoma City Thunder should explore as they look to find the final piece of their championship puzzle.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have one of the most intriguing young rosters in the NBA. The Shai Gilgeous-Alexander-led squad is currently battling in the Western Conference semifinal round of the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks.

SGA, Jalen Williams, and Chet Holmgren pose a horrifying big three that will threaten Western Conference supremacy for years. They have already taken the West’s best regular season record with an impressive 57-25.

While watching the Thunder in the playoffs it’s not hard to notice that while they are incredibly balanced and talented, they could afford to bring in another superstar to complement the core three players.

Luckily for the Thunder, they aren’t short of assets. The Thunder are armed with so many assets you could talk your way into believing no player they go after could be considered untouchable. They have young pieces throughout the roster along with 16 first-round draft picks and 19 second-round draft picks over the next five seasons.

While the Thunder could continue to add pieces through the draft and round out the core, they should instead be active in trade talks for superstars requiring a king’s ransom. This would put the Thunder back in the driver’s seat as the frontrunners of the West for seasons to come.

3 superstar trade targets the Oklahoma CityThunder must explore

Honorable mentions: Kevin Durant (PHO), Jaylen Brown (BOS), Jimmy Butler (MIA)

Anthony Davis, PF/C, Los Angeles Lakers

The Idea of pairing Anthony Davis and Chet Holmgren together is too exciting not to put AD down as a target for the Thunder. The interior defense would be incredible and the offense wouldn’t sputter a bit thanks to Chet’s outside shooting.

Davis would cost the Thunder a lot, but the Thunder are one of the few teams that have enough firepower to initiate trade talks. AD is a proven winner and this past season was arguably his best.

Imagine what he could do if he wasn’t one of just two players who shouldered the entire offensive and defensive load for their respective teams.

Davis would be a formidable addition, instantly boosting the Thunder’s credibility. With their robust outside shooting, the team’s offensive styles would seamlessly integrate. Coupled with the potential for a pick-and-pop dynamic with SGA, AD could be the catalyst that fully unleashes the Thunder’s vast potential.

The Lakers find themselves in a dilemma with LeBron James’ free agency and lack competitive assets beyond AD, James, and Austin Reaves. The Thunder could persuade the Lakers that trading for top-tier prospects and a collection of draft picks might be a more strategic move than continuing with Davis.

Brandon Ingram, F, New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans have a Zion Williamson/Brandon Ingram-bad-play-together-type fit on their hands and trading Zion away to remedy said odd fit doesn’t seem like the likely outcome. This makes Ingram available and possibly at a discounted price.

If that’s the case, the Thunder should pounce immediately.

Brandon Ingram is a great chess piece for an already-loaded Thunder team. He presents another nightmarish matchup on the offensive end, utilizing self-creation tools and consistent scoring prowess. His fit alongside SGA, Williams, and Holmgren feels seamless.

An earlier-than-expected playoff exit could spark changes as this team has proven it can compete with the best of ’em right now. A 6-foot-8 forward who can play within the offense, stretch the court, and provide switchable defense would be luxurious for this Thunder team.

Ingram might not top the talent list, but his addition could be the most cost-effective way to elevate the Thunder’s potential. Assuming the acquisition, the Thunder would still retain ample trade assets to secure another deal, reinforcing their status as contenders.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, F, Milwaukee Bucks

For many of the same reasons as Anthony Davis, Giannis would obviously be a great fit in Oklahoma City. A Giannis-to-the-Thunder transaction would feel unfair. The Thunder should punch it. They should throw everything at the Bucks to make this happen.

Giannis is the type of player who can elevate any NBA team into championship contention instantly. The Thunder, in particular, could benefit from his presence. Theoretically, he would fit perfectly at the power forward position, flanked by Williams and Holmgren.

He’d provide otherworldly fits for opposing offenses and defenses and his fit alongside the group of SGA, Williams, and Holmgren feels perfect.

The Bucks have suffered first-round playoff exits for two consecutive years. With an aging and increasingly injury-prone roster, lacking in promising prospects and short on draft picks, the team appears to be in a rut.

In these uncertain times for the Bucks, the Thunder should leverage their substantial trade assets to acquire one of the NBA’s elite talents. Adding a 29-year-old superstar could transform them into an unstoppable force.