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Melted аt the іmаge of Jаyѕon Tаtum’ѕ ѕon сheerіng hіѕ fаther on іn the onlіne ѕtаndѕ

Seeing my son cheering like this is no wonder why Jayson Tatum is so fired up!

After a forgettable match against the Milwaukee Bucks not long ago, the Celtics player wearing shirt number 0 returned with a new mindset. In the match between Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers in the early morning of August 3 (Vietnam time), Jayson Tatum “broke the basket” of his team with 5/8 3-pointers, in total he brought the Celtics 34 points, with a shooting rate of 5/8. score reaches 50%.

Explaining this player’s return to form, fans joked that his “short hair” appearance has helped the 22-year-old player play more effectively. But the unexpected appearance of his son Deuce may have also contributed to Jayson Tatum having such an impressive performance.

Even though he had to be away from his father for a long time, Deuce still found a way to cheer for his father, which was through the computer screen. The image of a 2-year-old boy appearing in the online stands, in the position of Boston fans, made tens of thousands of hearts melt with his cuteness and cuteness.

“Someone must show Tatum this image,” account Robby Manning commented on Twitter.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”, fans with the Use your common sense account shared.

Competing and being away from his family became especially difficult for Jayson Tatum as he repeatedly expressed his homesickness and missing his son. However, Jayson and Deuce still try to connect with each other by keeping their daily routines via Facetime.

The similar image “like two drops of water” of Jayson (left) and Deuce (right) once “captured” fans’ hearts.

Before that, the boy had followed his father many times to play in the NBA.

This is the longest time Deuce has been away from his father ever. Before competing in the quarantine area, the young father had never been away from his child for more than 2 days.

After the 4-point victory between the Boston Celtics and Portland Trail Blazers, many NBA viewers wanted to continue seeing Jayson Tatum’s “number one fan” in the stands cheering. In the next match, the Celtics will have an encounter with the Miami Heat at 5:30 a.m. on August 4 (Vietnam time). Hopefully the 22-year-old player can always maintain such good form regardless of whether or not the “little angel” accompanies him.