20 Wooden Coffins In The Ancient Cemetery And The Scary Curse Of The Egyptian Pharaoh

Archaeologists have discovered 20 sealed wooden coffins in an ancient Egyptian cemetery near the city of Luxor. The opening of these coffins stoked fears of a "frightening curse of the pharaohs".

According to The Sun, some people believe that a terrifying curse will befall anyone who dares to open the coffin containing the mummified body of an ancient Egyptian.

Newly found wooden coffins are said to hold many mysteries

This curse does not distinguish between archaeologists or grave robbers and is said to bring bad luck, illness or even death to anyone who disrupts the sleep of the person inside the coffin.

But the opening of these coffins raised fears of a terrifying curse.

The above curse is said to have been fulfilled in the case of pharaoh Tutankhamun and those who died after opening his tomb.

Therefore, the fact that archaeologists plan to open 20 wooden coffins that have just been found near the city of Luxor, which is the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes in the near future raises concerns about the fulfillment of the curse above.

The coffins were unearthed at Al-Assasif, an ancient necropolis used by the ancient Egyptians for centuries. 20 extremely well preserved coffins in 2 floors of a large tomb. Even the sculptures on them and the colors are kept intact, without too much loss.

Archaeologists claim that the excavation of these 20 new coffins is one of the biggest and most important discoveries in recent years. They have not been able to date them yet. It is not clear whether there are mummies inside the coffins, or to whom the coffins belong.

The announcement comes less than a week after Egyptian authorities announced details of a major discovery also in the city of Luxor.

On Thursday last week, Egypt discovered another ancient “industrial complex” specializing in the production of decorative items, furniture and pottery for royal tombs. Here, they discovered 30 factories and a large ceramic kiln.

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