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‘LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON’ Inѕpiration behіnd Jаyson Tаtum’s tаttoos reveаled аs NBA ѕtar hаs bold meѕѕage іnked аcross hіs bаck

BOSTON Celtics star Jayson Tatum has an impressive collection of ink.

Among the artworks adorning the 25-year-old NBA All-Star’s body are tattoos commemorating his mom, his son, and his journey to the league.

4Tatum is a four-time NBA All-StarCredit: Getty Images – Getty

4He has “Gods will” tattooed across his shoulders along with a cherub and a collage of images in reference to his childhoodCredit: YouTube/Steve Wiebe

And it all began thanks to his dad.

“I always wanted to be like my dad so I always wanted to get tattoos,” he told NBC Sports in 2019.

A former college basketball player himself at St. Louis University, Justin Tatum too had his fair share of ink, which seemingly inspired a young Jayson.

But the former third-overall pick took his time, waiting until just before his rookie season in 2017 to tattoo his wrists.

Elsewhere, other additions include his high school and college jerseys draped over one another on his left leg, as well as two Black Mamba snakes in the shape of the number 24 just above them, in honor of the late Kobe Bryant.

In 2022 Steve Wiebe, who has done much of Tatum’s ink, added a large collage of images commemorating his childhood home in St. Louis on the left-hand side of his back.

And St. Louis is clearly still a placer he holds dear, as he also has a tattoo of a mushroom cloud along with the quote “St. Louis – ’til the world blows” on his right leg.

Right across from this, on Tatum’s right leg, is a portrait of him holding his son, Jayson Jr., and the caption “like father, like son.”

As if these weren’t enough, he also has the number “98” on his right knee – the year of his birth, and “Big Deuce” on his hand – in reference to his son who is nicknamed ‘Deuce.’

But while Tatum has continued to add to his portfolio of ink over the years, he admitted that “They hurt though, every time, they hurt.”

4Tatum has been steadily adding to his collection throughout his pro careerCredit: Instagram/jaytatum0