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The mystery of the Palermo Stone: Evidence of ancient astronauts in Egypt?

People have long been fascinated with the idea that in the distant past, advanced alien civilizations visited Earth and helped humanity launch development on our planet. However, this idea has been firmly rejected by many who believe that it did not happen, although there are many discoveries pointing to a very different part of humanity’s history, it seems to the contrary. with mainstream science.

Many ancient texts, paintings and monuments have been cited as evidence supporting the theory of ancient astronautics. Yet, millions of others remain open and ignore the possibility that we are not the first civilization to call planet Earth home.

One of them is the Palermo Stone, one of seven surviving fragments of a Royal Annals stele from the Old Kingdom period of ancient Egyptian history. This is also considered one of the most important sources of artifacts for studying the civilization of ancient Egypt, and its long history on Earth.

The Palermo Stone or Palermo Stele is one of seven surviving fragments of a Royal Chronicle stele of the Old Kingdom period in ancient Egyptian history. This stele lists the kings who ruled Egypt from the First Dynasty to the beginning of the Fifth Dynasty and records important events during each of their reigns. The royal chronicles were probably recorded during the years of the 5th Dynasty.

Although the exact date and who created the Palermo Stone remains a mystery to scholars, the most accepted date is that it appeared during the Old Kingdom, XXI BC.

What makes this tablet so special is that among other similar ancient texts, the Palermo Stone lists the previous kings of ancient Egypt and the pharaohs who ruled Egypt during its first five dynasties. . The most controversial part of the Palermo Stone is the predynastic kings, who do not appear to have been human, they were mysterious “gods” and “demi-gods”.

Several ancient texts accurately describe the period when it was born and the kings were like gods descending from heaven to rule over humanity. Furthermore, these gods are present in all ancient civilizations on Earth. For some reason, researchers ignored these ancient texts and came up with their own chronicles of ancient Egypt and other civilizations. They cannot explain and prove: Why do kings rule for thousands of years? Are the long-lived kings from other planets?

The document, in hieroglyphic writing, tells of 120 kings who ruled before the ancient Egyptians officially existed as a civilization. Interestingly, the names of mysterious “gods” and “demi-gods” also appear in the genealogies of the Egyptian royal family. In addition, the Palermo Stone also has similarities with the Turin King List and Sumerian King List, all three of which refer to the period when the gods lived on Earth and they have ruled for hundreds, even thousands of years.

The Sumerian King List is one of the most remarkable ancient texts discovered on Earth, accurately describing the rulers of the ancient civilization of Sumeria. In the list of the king of Sumeria there is a passage: “…After the kingship descended from heaven, reigning at Eridug. God Alulim became king for 28,800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36,000 years. These two kings ruled reigned for 64,800 years”.

And in the Turin King List, the ancient text describes the long reigns of the gods, written on Turin papyrus in the monk language (an ancient form of hieroglyphic script of the Ai monks). Egypt). Scholars believe that the original papyrus was a list of more than 300 names with specific dates of kings ascending the throne to rule ancient Egypt. Notably, the list of Sumerian kings is accurately recorded in the last two rows of columns.

It presents a summary of the entire text, mentioning the list of Sumerian kings, with the passage: “…King Shemsu-Hor, reigned 13,420 years. King Shemsu-Hor reigned 23,200 years. A total of 2 kings ruled 36,620 years”. In addition, the list on the Turin papyrus also clearly shows that 9 dynasties ruled Egypt before the time of the Pharaohs and included respectable kings: Memphis, North, Shemsu Hor, Horus who ruled until the time of Mene – Pharaoh. Ancient Egypt’s first.

This ancient text describes a mysterious time on Earth in which humans “could” live for thousands of years and rule over vast ancient territories.

In addition to the above information, the Royal Chronicle also lists other interesting information about taxes in ancient Egypt, religious ceremonies, the water level of the Nile and military campaigns as well as important details. other important. More importantly, it is considered one of the main sources from which Manetón, an Egyptian historian compiled historical documents about ancient Egypt.

Manetón is famous for his work “Aegyptiaca,” in which he divided the rulers of ancient Egypt into dynasties, eventually leading to the formation of the system used to date Egyptian history. Ancient Egypt.

The Palermo Slab is made from black basalt and is believed to have been about 2 meters high when it was completed. However, what we find today are only fragments. Up to now, we have not been able to find complete pieces of this stone.

The Palermo Stone has helped researchers conclude that the ancient Egyptians developed superior technology for smelting bronze, eventually allowing them to create the incredible bronze statues that existed during the Second Dynasty.

The Palermo Stone also records the construction of the first stone building during Neka’s reign, before the step pyramid of Zoser.

As you can see, there are a number of ancient texts that very accurately describe a time when mysterious beings, possibly gods, came from space and ruled over humanity for a long period of time. On the other hand, similar accounts of ‘gods’ descending from the heavens can be found in many ancient cultures across the globe. This is why many people believe that the Palermo Stone is one of the important ancient texts that proves that otherworldly beings once ruled our planet and traveled ancient space. is absolutely real.