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How does Michael Jordan handle arrogant rookies?

Gary Payton is known as one of the best defensive defenders in NBA history, with his pursuit and fighting skills second to none. However, thick shells will have fringed nails. The player nicknamed “Gloves” learned that lesson when he met a monument in the talking trash village, none other than Michael Jordan.

The former Seattle Supersonics player recalls the 1990 rookie season. When his Sonics faced off against Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in a pre-season game. However, Payton didn’t see it as a casual friendly and talked rubbish with great enthusiasm. Immediately, he was given the pleasure of a real NBA game by the opposing star.

“I fought with him since pre-season and he never forgot. The first time we met was at a pre-season game. He was just walking on the field, and I was talking like That’s crazy. Long range.” 10 minutes, Jordan told BJ Armstrong and Pippen: Leave me the rookie kid, cover the game, “said the 1968 defender to Athletic.

The trash talk between Michael Jordan and Gary Payton was the highlight of the 1996 NBA Finals

“In the blink of an eye, Michael Jordan got me into foul trouble. I was taken off the pitch, and he only played for another 9-10 minutes, but apparently scored 35 points. Jordan walked over to me. and said, ‘Young man, this is not preseason, this is the NBA’.

In that game, the Chicago Bulls legend scored 33 points within 27 minutes of being on the field. Meanwhile, Gary Payton only scored 2 points. At least the Seattle Supersonics player managed to hit the only throw of the game.

Later, Gary Payton led the Seattle Supersonics to the 1996 NBA Finals, but lost in six games to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls himself. It was not until MJ retired that Payton had the opportunity to touch the prestigious Championship ring when he was crowned with the Miami Heat in 2006.