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Marvel At The Giant 12,000-Year-Old Tunnel Stretching From Scotland To Turkey

There are countless ancient underground chambers and tunnels spread across the European continent. These massive 12,000-year-old tunnels are the work of ancient people, whose science and knowledge are far more advanced than what modern scholars perceive them to be. Are these tunnels evidence of a lost civilization in Europe?

More than 12,000 years ago, the ancient people of Europe began to build giant tunnels across the continent. No one knows why or how these tunnels were created, but they are some of the most astonishing structures built by man thousands of years ago.

In fact, more than 10,000 years ago, ancient people were able to build some of the great ancient structures we know today. For example, the Göbekli Tepe temple in Turkey was built 11000 years ago when humans were still in the hunter-gatherer period.

Göbekli Tepe Temple, Turkey (Image: Wikipedia)

Currently, archaeologists have discovered thousands of underground tunnels in Germany that date back to the Stone Age. These tunnels spanned Europe, from Scotland to Turkey, confusing researchers as to their original function.

What is the purpose of these mysterious tunnels? Were they used as catacombs? Where are the giant chambers used for religious ceremonies? Or were these elaborate tunnels a refuge for the people of the time from wild beasts? Or could it be that 12,000 years ago, ancient people created these tunnels to avoid the great flood?

Many researchers, among them German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kush, believe that these stone tunnels were used as highways today, allowing trade between residents and connections. connecting them to distant places all over Europe.

In his book The Secrets of the Underground Door to the Ancient World (German title: Tore zur Unterwelt), Dr. Kush writes that vestiges of underground tunnels have been found in settlements Neolithic throughout continental Europe. These enormous tunnels are often referred to as ancient highways.

Many ancient tunnels have been discovered throughout Europe (Image: ancient-code)

Dr Kusch said that ‘Across Europe, there have been thousands of these tunnels – from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean. In the tunnels, ancient people created nooks and crannies to rest, there are large niches with seats. Some places have both a room and a reserve. Not all tunnels are interconnected, but all in all, it’s a huge network of tunnels.

In their book, Professor Dr. Henry Kush at Karl-Franzen University in Graz, along with his wife Ingrid, analyze the complex network of tunnels located in Styria in Australia, whose purpose remains the same. a mystery.

To date, no explanation for the function of these tunnels has satisfied the researchers. However, by radiocarbon dating of organic substances found in the tunnels, scientists have discovered that they date back thousands of years.

Many rooms are connected to attractions or ancient settlement areas. Tunnel entrances are sometimes found near old farmhouses, near ancient churches and cemeteries, or in the middle of the woods. These tunnels are built by people who know exactly what they are doing. Builders must have extremely high skills to create tunnels in that way, but these giant underground tunnels have existed for tens of thousands of years.

In fact, the ancient builders invented a zig-zag construction method that allowed these tunnels to withstand a tremendous amount of weight.

Tunnels similar to those found in Australia and Germany have also been discovered across Europe such as in Spain, Hungary, Turkey, England and even in Bosnia. However, no one has been able to explain how or why these tunnels were built.

Some experts are convinced that this vast network of tunnels was a way the ancients devised to protect them from the dangers of the outside world. Many researchers believe they were used like highways today, allowing people to move freely across the continent during times of war or disease.

However, there are some researchers who believe that the network of tunnels in Europe is only a small part of leading to a vast unknown underground world.

It is surprising to know that humans have been creating these huge and complex tunnels tens of thousands of years ago. While the majority of archaeologists have always supported the view that 10,000 years ago humans lived in a primitive state, astonishing discoveries such as the more than 11,000-year-old Göbekli Tepe temple, the Great Pyramids of Giza and the beach The ancient stone Stonehenge proves that our ancestors possessed extremely advanced techniques, technologies and means, which allowed them to build amazingly important structures across the earth.

The discovery of a vast network of underground tunnels shows that thousands of years ago, our ancestors did not spend their days hunting and gathering, but rather works that required technical and intellectual skills. extremely high intelligence.

However, these tunnels are not unique to Europe. In fact, there are many ancient cultures all over the world that have mentioned the existence of similar tunnels leading to the underground world.

According to the Macuxi Indians in the Amazon region, there is an extensive network of tunnels that connect our world to mysterious chambers beneath the surface.

The Macuxi Indians are indigenous people living in the Amazon region of countries such as Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. According to their legend, they are descendants of the children of the Sun and are the guardians of the “underground world”.

Their legend speaks of the entrance to the underground. Until 1907, the Macuxi had entered several caves and it would take 13 to 15 days to reach the interior. They say, “on the other side of the world, in the heart of the earth” is where the giants live, they are about 3-4 meters tall. Can this happen?

In 2013, former CIA agent Edward Snowden leaked top secrets of the US and British governments to the press about spying programs and a host of other top-secret files, in There are documents about advanced civilizations.

Snowden said that the CIA’s database stores sonar images in the deep sea, but the high secrecy does not allow scientists to access without any security guarantee.

Painting of the underground world Agharta (Image:

They indicate that a civilization has been residing in the earth for millions of years and possesses an extremely advanced level of technology that far exceeds humans on the ground.

In their eyes, humans are very low and easy to manipulate. They have the power to interfere in our world, but they don’t because they want to hide themselves.

Is there an underground civilization? (Illustration)

With suspicious features such as: inhabitants of the Earth’s interior, mysterious sound waves have been heard in all parts of the world, including events in the universe also heard sounds under the Caribbean Sea, every Efforts to drill deep into the earth have failed, reinforcing the belief that there is an alien civilization that exists as humanity’s neighbor.

In fact, in this vast universe, perhaps nothing is impossible. Science is always evolving and self-realizing. Not being conservative, daring to doubt current concepts and being open to new research achievements is the best way to get access to what is true.