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Strange village, all the people only know how to move on all fours instead of walking upright

Darwin’s theory of evolution holds that humans evolved from ancient apes. Over hundreds of years, some genes that were not needed were gradually “erased” and switched from running on 4 legs to walking on 2 legs.

In today’s world, walking straight seems to be a sign of maturity, proving modern civilized people. Everything that exists in our lives is designed to fit the shape of the human body moving on two legs.

However, in a remote village in Turkey people cannot stand or walk straight. They move by crawling with 2 hands, 2 legs. They crawl very fast and there is no difference in speed compared to the way normal people move.

Photo: Reuters

Several media outlets have come here to cover this issue. They filmed the scene of people in the village moving by crawling on the ground. This made the village the center of attention at that time.

Many people who first saw the videos of this scene thought that this was just a ploy to attract tourists to develop local tourism. But many experts and researchers have come to testify. The results showed that every citizen had thick calluses on their hands. This shows that they have been moving this way for many years without using protective equipment.

Due to constantly crawling on the ground, the body of the people living here is not like that of ordinary people. Their back and waist bones are deformed, and their hips are also wider.

In addition to the difference in body shape, the researchers also found that the life expectancy of the people here is shorter than the average person. People with good physical strength in the village will have a shorter life expectancy of about 10 years than the average mover.

Photo: The Sun

According to Sohu, after coming to learn about this village, many experts conducted rigorous sampling surveys from local water sources to food. The results showed that there were no strange phenomena in the food used daily.

Some experts tried to communicate with the villagers and found that their speech and response were not clear. The response in communication is also very slow. The people in the village hardly talk or communicate with the outside world. Therefore, marriage is mainly inbreeding, people in the village marry each other. This phenomenon has serious consequences such as giving birth to children with birth defects, loss of cognitive ability and walking.

In addition, many experts also noticed that some local people have cerebellar ataxia. Accordingly, study leader Liza J. Shapiro of the University of Texa confirmed in the Washington Post that the disease complicates their sense of balance. To adapt, people here have to move on 4 limbs.

According to the Washington Post, another study found that this is their preferred mode of transportation even when climbing and descending stairs. They move with ease, and there seems to be no discomfort. This is completely opposite to ordinary people if trying this gait.

According to Sohu, researchers have asked why some children are born completely healthy and do not have this disease but still move on two arms and two legs? The team believes that because the village is located in a remote area, the transportation is underdeveloped, so it is isolated from the outside world. A group of healthy children have never seen the normal way of walking on two legs. So they only learn from their parents, move with 2 hands and 2 legs. Over time, this way of moving has become a habit of the people here.

During the research phase in this village, scientists tried to explain to them the consequences of inbreeding. However, they all ignored the opinions of experts. What makes many people feel pitiful in this village is that children are born with normal bodies but only their parents teach them how to crawl. The older generation in the village has let them form that moving with two hands and two feet is the right way to walk, so it will be difficult to change this after being educated from a young age.