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The Scary Truth About The Wife Of The Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun: The Threat That Led To The Death Of The Pharaoh

Tutankhamun was the king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty. He was the son of Akhenaten. When his father died, Tutankhamun ascended the throne, ruling the country from the age of 8-9. However, this prince only ruled Egypt for 10 years and then died suddenly and mysteriously.

Golden mask and restored image of King Tutankhamun

According to historical documents, after ascending the throne, Tutankhamun married his half-sister, Ankhesenamun, Ankhesenamun later became Queen of Egypt, with her husband ruling the country.

It is known that Ankhesenamun was the third of six daughters of King Akhenaten. She was born when Egypt was undergoing an unprecedented religious revolution (1348 BC). Her father abandoned the old gods of Egypt to follow Aten, from which the first monotheistic religion was born. At the time of his marriage to King Tutankhamun (supposedly about 8 years old), Ankhesenamun was only 13 years old.

Restoration image of Queen Ankhesenamun.

It can be affirmed that inbreeding was common in the ancient Egyptian royal family. This came from the fact that the Egyptian princes wanted to maintain pure royal blood. The Egyptian Pharaohs considered themselves descendants of the gods, so they married people of the same bloodline to maintain absolute power.

However, the consequences of inbreeding were that King Tutankhamun’s health was not good, or he was sick and suffered from many diseases. He ruled the country for a short time and died at a very young age. Experts have not been able to find documents that reveal how many children this prince and his wife have together.

Tutankhamun was married to his half-sister, Ankhesenamun. Photo: ATI

Concerning the mysteries surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun. On the morning of 90 years ago, British archaeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon unsealed the tomb burying King Tutankhamun’s mummy with treasure in the Valley of the Kings. At this time, Mr. Howard Carter discovered a secret number about King Tutankhamun that many people probably do not know:

There is no death curse

Archaeologist Carter unsealed the tomb of King Tutankhamun in November 1922 with the financial support of the wealthy warlord George Herbert – an enthusiast about ancient Egyptian history. From here, rumors of curses and strange, unexplained deaths of those who participated in the excavation of the resting place of the great Pharaoh began to appear.

Image of Tutankhamun, Ankhesenamun and Ay in the movie.

According to some documents, while exploring the tomb of King Tutankhamun, Lord Carnarvon saw an inscription that read: “Death will soon come to you if anyone dares to disturb the peace of the emperor. .. “.

Four months later, Lord Herbert died from a mosquito bite that led to a blood infection. Later, Lord Carnarvon also died. Death also came in turn to his half-brother and nurse, followed by an American billionaire who visited the crypt, the photographer, the doctor who took X-rays of the body. Pharaoh’s mummy. Most of the people involved in the excavation process died mysteriously. Therefore, it is rumored that King Tutankhamun’s curse has been fulfilled.

However, the authorities eventually determined that the inscription in this king’s tomb was created by reporters who “created” that story. The death curse of Tutankhamun also did not exist but was the act, the murder plot of a fanatic.

King Tutankhamun’s death may have been an accident

For many years, many scholars have speculated that King Tutankhamun’s sudden and mysterious death at the age of 19 was due to assassination. It is believed that he was fatally hit by an assassin in the head.

Recently, experts have determined that the crack in King Tutankhamun’s skull was either an accident during the embalming process or because those in Carter’s archaeological team had not been careful to “damage” the king’s body. this young man.

King Tutankhamun was buried with his children who died prematurely

When archaeologist Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun, he saw a room filled with priceless gold and silver, such as statues made of pure gold, jewelry used in rituals, small boats representing wishes. want about the journey to the Netherworld and a temple to house the mummified organs of the Pharaoh. In addition, the catacombs also contain two small coffins containing two corpses of children.

After examining the DNA, archaeologists were amazed to discover that one of the corpses was the untimely daughter of King Tutankhamun. The remaining mummy also seems to be the son of this king. Experts theorize that the young king and his sister gave birth to children from an inbreeding relationship, so they were often deformed and stillborn.

King Tutankhamun actually has a face with protruding teeth and clubbed legs

Thanks to virtual autopsy technology using more than 2,000 CT scans combined with genetic analysis, King Tutankhamun actually has a face with protruding teeth and club feet. Scientists also believe that, This king died due to weak health and many diseases, the result of his biological parents being siblings.

At that time, the ancient Egyptians did not usually object to such relationships, and they did not know that inbreeding would cause great harm to the children born from this relationship.